Synapse Bridge Rebates - Arbitrum

The Synapse DAO has received a 2M ARB grant from the Arbitrum DAO. As of today, this grant is worth $3.5M and will be distributed before March 29th.

The objective of this grant is to expand Synapse’s presence in the Arbitrum ecosystem and encourage new users and assets to flow to Arbitrum.

Program Details:

At a high level the following routes are incentivized:

  • All stables and ETH bridged to Arbitrum

  • All stables and ETH from Arbitrum bridged to Ethereum Mainnet

  • All supported GMX routes

  • Rebates are directly sent to the user’s wallet, no need to claim

**Any of above routes are eligible regardless of bridge module (RFQ, CCTP, Synapse Liquidity Bridge)

Rebates differ based on the bridge path, (1bp = .01%). Rebate numbers are set in accordance with the proposal in such a way to roughly offset protocol fees and an additional bonus for gas & slippage costs.

Bridge Rebates

Synapse Liquidity Bridge(Any chain to Arbitrum)
ETH 4.5bps
Stables 4.5bps
GMX 6bps

Synapse Liquidity Bridge(Arbitrum to Ethereum)
ETH 10.5bps
Stables 12.5bps
GMX 6bps

Synapse CCTP (Any chain to Arbitrum)
USDC 4bps

Synapse CCTP(Arbitrum to Ethereum)
USDC 4bps

Synapse RFQ(Any Chain to Arbitrum)
USDC 5bps
ETH 5bps

Synapse RFQ(Arbitrum to Ethereum) 
USDC 5bps
ETH 5bps

All addresses are capped to 2k ARB for the course of the program.

All rebate amounts will be clearly reflected in the Synapse interface, and are sent directly to the user's wallet. Bridge rebates are live until March 29th. More information about the Synapse STIP implementation can be found on the forum.

New routes and tokens may be added. Bridge rebate amounts may also be adjusted, any updates will be posted to this mirror post.

Try it out -

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